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Pink Amethyst Crystal Cluster with Phantom Calcite 'Soul Retrieval'

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Something Amazing for the Healer!

A brand new species of crystal has come to light. In the mystical hills of Patagonia in Argentina, a lone geologist and his daughter have unearthed the first ever
discovery of pink amethyst. These beautiful gemmy crystal clusters formed in small geodes, revealing pockets of lovely crystals.

They combine great power with profound tenderness in a way that is deeply nourishing to the soul, and they will aid those who work with them in a umber of other ways.
Pink Amethyst is a fantastic stone for healers and their clients. It pours healing vibrations into the heart chakra, and these energies spread throughout the body.

It offers a powerful vibration for spiritual protection. It is excellent for repairing holes and weaknesses in the auric field. It is an ideal type of crystal to keep in one's home or work environment, because it emanates positive vibrations that make it impossible for negative energies to become attached to one's personal space.

Dimensions: 2.7" x 4" x 3.2" inches
Weight 440 grams | 1 lb

For shamanic practitioners who do soul retrieval work, or for those working with their own soul retrieval, Pink Amethyst can be a most valuable tool. Its healing influence
on the emotional body helps lost soul parts to return and reintegrate, helping one achieve wholeness.

In addition these can facilitate past life recall, especially for purposes of healing the psyche and dispelling repetitive negative patterns.

Pink Amethyst has a deep vibration connecting it to the realms of spirit. It can facilitate communication with loved ones that have died, as well as one's spirit guides and angelic guardians.

Pink Amethyst is a stone of Truth, and assists in relocating one's center of Self, from the head to the heart. A stone of utmost sincerity, and it can convey this to those who work with it. Through the inner experience of sincerity and truth facilitated by the pink amethyst, one receives the opportunity to commit to total sincerity in one's own being. As this occurs, there is a deep metamorphosis within, and one discovers and can ultimately merge with one's deepest self, and with the Divine.

The transformation is is the goal of spiritual alchemy, and these stones have emerged from the Earth at this time in order to to facilitate the great inner metamorphosis in those who make themselves available for it to happen.

Pink Amethyst has two very deep and special synergistic partners, Azozeo Phenacite and newly discovered Lemurian Mist Crystals from Colombia. When one places Pink Amethyst at the heart while pointing a lemurian mist crystal at the third eye, the combined energies can unite all the chakras from the heart to the crown, in a radiant column of light.

The influence of azozeo phenacite stimulates the heart-centered energies of Pink Amethyst to expand greatly, immersing one in a huge vibrational bubble of love. If one works to sustain these expanded states of being, one can benefit all those one meets, as well as the whole field of human and earth consciousness.

Using all 3 of these stones together brings a trinity of powerful and blessing currents into harmonic union with oneself, facilitating the manifestation of our highest potential.

Pink Amethyst with Black Phantom Calcite
Some of the Pink Amethyst Geodes contain secondary growth quartz crystal on top of the pink layer.

Pink Amethyst with Black Phantom Calcite offers several powerful and beneficial kinds of energy. The combined currents emanating from these unique specimens are some of the strongest for vibrational healing of the physical body. They are very powerful for purification and protection, and for dispelling negative energies and entities, attachments and or implants.

These are ideal stones for healers to use to protect themselves and their clients from psychic attack, or from any other negative constellation of vibrations. Pink Amethyst and Black Phantom Calcite does much to strengthen the auric field. There is a pronounced feeling of spiritual power and authority present in these stones.

It can be a powerful ally for doing Shadow work in the psyche and may be the strongest alternative, surpassing even the pure Pink Amethyst for doing soul retrieval and shamanic healing. These stones bring courage to the heart, and they support one in focusing one's intention and keeping it focused.

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