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Phenacite Phenakite Crystal Altar Stone 'The Crown' Big & Rare

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Large Russian Phenacite Crystal Altar Stone & powerful Synergy 12 Stone 'The Crown' Rare & Special 'Museum Quality' A+++

Phenacite is a Synergy 12 & Ascension 7 stone, and often considered the highest energy crystal in existence. The extremely high vibration that can multiply the energies of other stones used in crystal healing.

The crown chakra is associated with the following psychological and behavioral characteristics:

Awareness of higher consciousness, wisdom, of what is sacred
Connection with the formless, the limitless
Realization, liberation from limiting patterns
Communion with higher states of consciousness, with
Ecstasy, bliss

The crown chakra is associated with the transcendence of our limitations, whether they are personal or bound to space and time. It is where the paradox becomes norm, where seemingly opposites are one. The quality of awareness that comes with the crown chakra is universal, transcendent.

Dimensions: 2.9" x 2.6" x 1.65" inches (Big)
Weight: 1330 Carats

The Crown is positioned on the very top of the head and is at the very top of the “Chakra ladder.”

that integrates all seven of the Chakras with their individual qualities. As the source of enlightenment and spiritual connection to all that is, the Sahasrara is the connection to our higher selves, to every being on the planet, and ultimately to the divine energy that creates all things and life forms in the universe.

The life force from the universe penetrates into your energy system through the crown, moves within the crown, and down through the other chakra energy centers, then out and back again through the Root Chakra.

If this is blocked, all the other chakras and your mind and body will suffer. When it’s balanced and open, you will experience mystical oneness with everyone and everything in nature, immersed in serenity, joy, and deep peace.

||| Phenacite / Phenakite Crystals |||||

Keys: Third eye activation, Inner visions, Awakening the Light Body, Inter-dimensional Travel
Chakras: Third eye (6th) Crown (7th)

Phenacite is an extremely powerful, intense, high vibration stone. Phenacite is said to have the highest vibration of any mineral currently found on the Planet. For this reason, Phenacite is highly sought after by metaphysicians, despite its high price. Extremely rare, Phenacite is found in many different areas of the world, including Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, Africa, and Colorado, USA. Different types of Phenacite come in many different colors and forms.

Phenacite is a powerful Third Eye activator and Crown Chakra stone, opening the user to visionary intuition and higher awareness of the spiritual realms (including the Angelic realms and Ascended Masters), as well as facilitating the downloading of spiritual knowledge. Phenacite accesses the Akashic Record, helping to identify and release dis-ease. Phenacite can also amplify the healing power of other stones.

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