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Beautiful PETALITE & MOLDAVITE Celestial Pendant

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A powerful combination. The pendant measures .75 inches across and 1.35 inches down from the bail. The back is stamped 925.A medium size pendant of exceptional quality.

Dimensions 1.35" x .75" Weight: 0.3 ounces 7 grams

Key - Transformation, rapid spiritual evolution, chakra activation, cleansing, protection, increased incidence of synchronicities.
Chakras – All, especially Heart (4th) Third Eye (6th)

Moldavite is a rare bottle-green translucent stone of unearthly origins. Scientists postulate that a meteor shower in the Moldau Valley of Czechoslovakia some 15-20 million years ago caused extra-terrestrial material to fuse with earthly rock formations at very high heat, forming fused glass -- the only moldavite known to exist.

KEYS - Tranquility, Upliftment, Expansion of Awareness, Manifesting the Spiritual in the Physical, Opening to the Higher Worlds
Chakras - Third Eye (6th) Crown (7th) Trans personal (8th through 14th)
Sometimes called the "Stone of the Angels", Petalite is excellent for spiritual healing. It encourages and promotes connections to angels, spirit guides and totems.