Mystical Opal Peacock Crystal Carving Talisman

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Stunning Precious Opal Peacock Crystal Carving & Talisman.

Stones like these are ideal to keep one's home or work space, as they can influence the vibrational 'atmosphere' in a positive direction."

This is  a Rare treasure, a metaphysical art piece.

Carving crystals is a practice dating back to ancient civilizations, when used in energy work, carved crystals have their metaphysical properties amplified, and connects much deeper with their "Guardian' as the intention of what is carved can act as a very powerful programming technique.

With the Peacock stage, the alchemist has entered into the inner experience of the astral world, which initially appears as ever shifting patterns of color. This experience is often symbolized in alchemy by the appropriate image of the peacock's tail with its splendid iridescence of color. In terms of this series of five stages, the turning point is reached with the Peacock. Up until this point the alchemist has experienced aspects of his being which he was formerly unconscious of - the etheric forces and the astral body. Essentially these experiences have happened to him, although he had to make himself open to the experiences through entering into the initial Black Crow state, however, in order to progress he must begin to work upon his inner being.

Dimensions: 1.92" x 1.67" x .60" inches
Weight: 220 carats

PEACOCK - astral body consciousness - inward immersion - point of transformation - outward expression integration - purification - transmutation

What does a peacock symbolize?
The overall meaning of Peacock in Native American culture is self-confidence, self-esteem, dignity, refinement, knowledge, sexuality, pride, and beauty. According to some myths, in history, lore, and legend, the peacock symbol carries omens of nobility, guidance, holiness, watchfulness, and protection

The peacock represents immortality, resurrection, and the spiritual teachings of Jesus. In Greek mythology, the peacock has associated with Hera the wife of Zeus and the queen of the Ancient Greek gods. The peacock, the bird of the goddess Hera, is a symbol of pride, or unwonted display. In this Arabic astrological manuscript, it is linked with the 'feminine' planet, Venus, the ruler of Taurus.

The Peacock's Tail is the central experience to this process, the point of inner transformation, which arises from a true consciousness of the astral body.

The Peacock's Tail stage - the conscious experience of the astral body - stands alone in this picturing of the process, though it was sometimes split into two facets, in the writings of some alchemists - an initial winged dragon phase which resolved into the Peacock's Tail. In the initial encounter with the astral body, the negative distorted aspects of one's being can dominate, and these can be pictured as the winged dragon, but through soul purification, ultimately the full beauty and splendor of the astral body are revealed in the Peacock's Tail.

In the early alchemical texts (and in particular the 'Rosarium philosophorum'), this picture of soul alchemy is developed in parallel with descriptions of what was a sore physical process. Thus it was that the soul development of the alchemist went hand in hand with an actual physical operation, and this operation, the details of which have not been wholly lost, involved color and form changes within a sealed flask, isomorphic to the inner changes of soul alchemy, described by these bird symbols. Thus we had a physical process which involved a blackening, a whitening; a rapid iridescence of colors, a circular distillation stage, and a final sublimation. Part of the task of modern alchemy must be to rediscover this physical process, and explore its further ramifications.

What did the alchemists wish to symbolize by birds? The essential thing about birds is that they, having as their domain the air element, mediate between the earthly realm and the heaven world. The alchemist in observing the flight of birds, recognized in them a picture of the human soul undergoing spiritual development.

The soul, aspiring upwards, flying free of the restraints of the earth bound body seeking the heavenly light, only to have to return to the earthly consciousness again after the meditation, the alchemist symbolized by the bird. Thus the bird symbols, in alchemy, reflect the inner experiences of soul alchemy, the soaring of the soul free from the earth bound body and the physical senses. The soul, in the meditations of soul alchemy, touches upon the spiritual world, and brings something of this back into the outer life again. The birds as symbols mediate between the physical and spiritual worlds, they reflect certain archetypal experiences encountered by the soul in its development through the alchemical process.

These symbols were used in two ways. Firstly, as a description in a text of one aspect of the process. Thus the alchemist might indicate a certain process as the Pelican stage, and describe certain facets of this by using perhaps other symbols, Secondly, these bird symbols could be used as a subject matter for a meditation, and by inwardly building such a symbol, one connected in soul with the essential experience of the particular stage of the alchemical-soul process.