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Nuummite Pendulum

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"The Magician's Stone"  found only in Greenland Nuummite is very ancient, about 3 billion years old.

A dowsing pendulum ofExceptional Quality  

  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Weight  .35 to .59  oz.
  • Keys:  Personal magic, the deep journey to the core of self, enhancing clairvoyance, attuning to the elemental forces, achieving self-mastery
  • Chakras:  third eye (6th) solar plexus (3rd) root (1st)

These are the stones of the deepest aspect of the earths element. They draw upon the fiery energies of the earth's core, and they offer us the gift of inner power. As a stone of inner power, Nuummite can be used on the magicians quest for self mastery.

It also helps aid in the release of old karmic debts and bonds. Then replenishes with new, strong energy and reprograms cellular memory.