Ancient Nuummite Crystal Energy Bracelet '3 billion years old'

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"Nuummite is found only in Greenland and is very ancient about 3 billion years old"

The Nuummitte mine is now closed, there is nothing left to mine and that makes these Bracelets VERY RARE. These are from 2 years ago, when quality was at its highest!

8 mm Top quality Nuummite beads , one size fits all, elastic stretch bracelets, which max up at about 7" inches.

You will recieve a Nuummite bracelet which has been intuitively selected for you, same high quality as the photo.

Keys - Personal Magic, The deep journey to the core of self, Enhancing clairvoyance, Attuning to elemental forces, Achieving self- mastery
Chakras – Third Eye (6th) Solar Plexus (3rd) Root (1st)

"These are the stones of the deepest aspect of the earths element. They draw upon the fiery energies of the earth's core, and they offer us the gift of inner power, and they offer us the gift of inner power. In regard to power, it is said that the difference between a tyrant and a magician is the tyrant wants power over others, while the magician wishes for power only over herself(or himself). In the great work of mystic realization, the magician makes much more progress than the tyrant."

Nuummite , as a stone of inner power, can be used on the magicians quest for self mastery.

Geologically Nuummite is the oldest mineral on Earth and has a hardness of 5 to 5.6. Nuummite was formed about 3-4 billion years from a volcanic origin. A mixture of two minerals from the orthoamphibole group- anthophyllite and gedrite. The name Nuummite is derived from the Municipality of Nuuk where the stone was first discovered in 1982. It has since been found in several localities in the outer part of the Godthabsfjord near Nuuk. The area in which it is mined is only accessible by boat.

Metaphysically Nuummite is known as "The Magician's Stone". It is a powerful gemstone and has multiples uses. Nuummite is first a stone of protection. Bringing a peaceful, loving energy through the crown chakra and surrounding the body with a strong electromagnetic field. Nuummite protects from both pollutants and negative energy.

-Nuummite carries several healing properties and heals on all three levels. It opens and activates all the Chakras to synchronize and to resonate in perfect harmony. Nuummite also helps aid in the release of old karmic debts and bonds. Then replenishes with new, strong energy and reprograms cellular memory.

-Nuummite increases psychic abilities and intuition. It is useful in both meditation and with Akashic record work. Nuummite accesses the deep subconscious to allow easier access to other times and existences. Those who work with Akashic records and are reaching for the higher vibrations will find this gemstone helpful in a successful journey. Not only does Nuummite help bring in the understanding but allows the brain to grasp that knowledge and then utilizes it in the best possible manner.

-Nuummite is also sometimes called the "Empath Stone". For empaths and intuitives who are sensitive energetically to other people's energy and who avoids crowds this is your gemstone. By throwing up a strong electromagnetic shield Nuummite allows you to walk into crowded rooms and not be bombarded with the energy and emotions of others.

Customer Reviews

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Shirley H.
great product

I received this beautiful Nuummite bracelet , very fast shipping from Arizona. Before I put it on, i made 3 wishes. I think it will bring me luck and protect me.
It is glittering under sunlight...I now wear it
every day, 24 hrs, except when showering. HIghly recommended!

One of my favorite stones

Soak this baby under the light of a full moon and get ready to set new intentions in meditation with it. It's that powerful of a stone. And to be able to wear it on my wrist? Even better. Total talisman that helps me navigate crowded spaces with ease. And it fits perfectly! Thank you x

Anna Doan
Love the bracelet and the gift included.

The certificate is included inside the box. The bracelet is much more better in real life than in photos.

Lady Liallah
I happened upon Doorways to Power recently as I was searching for pendulums

but I quickly became entranced by the many beautiful crystal pieces. I am highly empathic and often find myself overwhelmed by other's energy as well as attracting energy vampires. So exhausting! I very much wanted to find a piece to help protect myself. Once I read about Nuummite and that it is the quintessential "Empath's Stone", I was drawn towards it almost immediately. The bracelet is absolutely gorgeous and powerful! I greatly appreciated the gifted bracelet: Black Tourmaline. I thought it was beautifully apropos that this is also a protective stone. I imagine my need for energy shielding came through intuitively. Thank you so very much for uniting me with both bracelets, Shilona! I will most certainly return in the near future!!~♥