Morganite Danburite & Aquamarine Super Nova Crystal Pendant

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Signature Collection Morganite Danburite & Aquamarine Super Nova Crystal Pendant.

The Super Nova: This remarkable pendant combines two spectacular cuts. On the back of the Danburite Gemstone is a modified Millennium Cut, a starburst pattern that was created in the early years of the 21st Century by master jewelers to reflect the emerging consciousness of a new millennium. The surface of the gemstone is laced with an intricate pattern of flat hexagons, like a honeycomb or the eye of a honeybee.

The compound eye of a honeybee consists of an array of hexagonal visual sensors designed to maximize the honeybee's ability to detect tiny movements in shadow and in the lower, infrared light frequencies, enabling the honeybee to achieve maximum awareness of predator movements in deep shadow and also provides amazingly acute peripheral vision.

Set in .925 Sterling Silver w/ Complimentary 18" Chain
Dimensions: 1.36" x .48" x .40" inches

Morganite Keys: Divine Love & Compassion
Known as Pink Emerald, Morganite is rare and beautiful, heart energy that effortlessly cleanses and activates your heart, bringing love into our life. It has been said to be one of the highest frequency stones available.

Danburite Keys: Angelic Communication, Channeling, Inter dimensional Travel, Peace, Freedom from Stress
Danburite is prized for its ability to connect the bearer to sources directly to sources of Higher Wisdom and to vast libraries of information located in the "akashic records". "Akasha," in Sanskrit, means "brilliant," "shining" or "luminous."

Aquamarine Keys - Cooling, Soothing, Enhancement of Clear Communication
Chakras – Throat (5th) Heart (4th)

Some say it was found in a mermaid's jewelry box, for some it is Sea God Neptune's holy stone; varied as the legends are, an aquamarine never ceases to amaze. With every gemstone possessing unique healing properties, what makes the aquamarine so special. Aquamarine is the seer's stone. You can incorporate it into psychic ritual work.

The stone can aid you in meditation and break down mental barriers to help you move beyond physical reality. You can use aquamarine to help strengthen your aura, or the energy field that emanates from your body. You can also use it to strengthen your personal power and balance your mind, body and spirit. If you are working with sea deities in ritual, aquamarine can aid you in opening up a channel of communication with the water entities. In dream work, aquamarine signifies happy friendships or the meeting of new friends.

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Stephanie Taylor
Absolutely beautiful... every piece is a fine work of art.

I’m wearing this one regularly now and find it helps me through my tougher last days of pregnancy. My husband and I are working on calm clear communication while being tired and worn out. Thank you for this beautiful gift 🙏💝✨