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Melody Super Seven Crystal Point w/ Sunken Record Keeper A+++

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These extraordinary stones, the Melody Super Seven's came from a mine that is now closed, Limited only to existing stock making them harder and harder to find. Super 7 Crystals are a powerful combination of minerals can only be found in Espirito de Santo, Brazil, which translates to 'Holy Spirit',

The sunken record keeper is a 'true' record keeper and they are much rarer than the raised record keeper crystals. the sunken record keepers contains a data bank of information in the stone itself.

Authentic, Very Beautiful & Highest Quality
Measurements 1.85" x 2.2" x 1.55" Inches
Weight: 138 grams 4.9 oz
Crystal Properties: Record Keeper

The MELODY STONE as described by Melody:

"It has also been used to promote telekinetic pursuits, telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, awareness-channeling, universal creativity, to further wellness and healing on all levels, and for Earth-healing."

"It has produced electromagnetic waves providing the brilliant self-luminous quality and further assists one in 'seeing' (and recognizing) auras and in maintaining the connection between the physical and ethereal planes.

"Super Seven™ never needs cleansing or energizing. It will not accumulate or retain negative energy or vibrations. The energy is unlimited in application, making it one of the best attunement stones.

Courtesy of: “Love Is In The Earth -THE Crystal and Mineral Encyclopedia” Written by Melody.

The Melody Stone/Super Seven™... is made up of the energy from seven minerals Amethyst,Clear Quartz,Rutile,Goethite,Cacoxenite, Lepidocrocite and Smokey Quartz Crystal.

The combination of these energies interwoven into one stone makes this an extremely high vibrational stone for both Healers and those on the spiritual path. Contained within The "Super Seven" is a "flambeau" mineral which is known to exhibit, the phenomenon of St. Elmo's Fire, and ethereal auric light reminiscent of the "holy light" which has been seen due to atmospheric electricity on church towers and treetops. It produces electromagnetic waves providing the self-luminous quality and assists one in "seeing" auras and in maintaining the connection between the physical and ethereal planes.

Master Initiation Channeling Crystal

The Initiation Crystal allows one to connect with the source of Divine knowledge and understanding. This connection can be used to discover and understand one's life path, lessons, and purpose. It is a stone of learning, representing the spiritual. Meditating with with the Initiation crystal allows one to perceive one's source of guidance, utilizing that information to further ones learning.

The seven sided face represents the spiritual seeker-one who is willing to put aside EGO in order to pursue true spiritual knowledge. The three-sided facet directs the spiritual knowledge and information onto the Earth plane, allowing it to be utilized and directed into one's life. This is the path of the spiritual student - first working to acquire spiritual understanding, then applying that understanding to one's own life.

Super Seven Stone properties

Intuition,Psychic Ability,Spiritual Awareness,Purification,
Chakras - Third Eye (6th) Crown (7th)
Amethyst embodies the Violet Flame, using its healing power on all levels. Highly useful in mediation and one of the most effective as it calms emotions. More than most Quartz Crystals, it quiets the mind allowing connection to spirit. It opens & clears the third eye and crown Chakras, which accelerates the development of intuitive and psychic abilities.

Clear Quartz-
Programmability, Amplification of one's intention,Healing,Magnification of ambient energies,Clearing,Cleansing,Memory Enhancement
Chakras -All
Clear Quartz works on all levels of the body & with all chakras. It is a powerful for almost all metaphysical activities,as it increases body energy and thoughts. It brings clarity to your communication and positively effect all chakras, while protecting the aura and expanding the Human Energy Field.One of the Most effective and commonly used quartz crystals in healing do to the strong amplification of energy they provide.

Attunement,Amplification,Acceleration,Expanding Awareness,Quickening Manifestation Chakras All
Rutile is quite an extraordinary stone. One that acts like and antennae to the Divine mind. It aids you to tune into others and understand their intentions. It has strong amplification qualities, which powerfully magnify the qualities of other stones that are paired with it. A strong ally in dream recall,and remembering deep meditative journeys. Aids one in Staying grounded to the earth while expanding consciousness.

Access to Akashic Records,Past-Life,Recall Connection with Earth,Healing through Grief,Enhanced Soul Life,Artistic Creavity
Chakras Root(1st)Sexual/Creative(2nd)Third Eye(6th)
Goethite is a stone that aids you to make deep connection with the earth. It aids earth healing and is known as a stone that keeps the earths history. This is a strong stone to aid in healing past life problems by allowing access to relevant memories stored within your genetic material. A stone you may use to make your intentions become reality.

Alignment with the Divine plan,Spiritual Cleansing and Purification,Regeneration of the Body
Chakras-Solar Plexus(3rd)Third Eye(6th)Crown(7th)
Cacoxenite in Amethyst or Quartz serves humanity as an Ascension stone. Powerful for spiritual awakening as they raise your vibration and work powerfully through the crown & third eye chakra. They will assist in bringing your Solar Plexus chakra, the "Seat of your will" into alignment with your divine purpose for being on the planet at this time. They also aid in the elimination of psychic cords or negative attachments that have kept you tied to outdated feelings and relationships. Enhances positive feelings, bringing forth new ideas & ideals for humanity.Can enable one to connect more easily with ones guides or guardian spirits.Can be used by channelers to enhance conscious connection & alignment with higher beings.

Emotional healing,Release of self destructive patterns,Love and Empathy,Soul Retrieval,Creative inspiration and communication
Lepidocrocite is strong stone for emotional healing..and assists you to experience Divine Love.It makes a strong connection with the energy of the Thymus Chakra. It releases fear and opens the heart chakra, healing romantic relationships through loving energy. Surrounded in a bubble of light, that provides psychic protection and is a strong barrier against negativity.


Smokey Quartz-
Grounding,transmutation of Negative energies,practicality,organization,manifestations of ones dreams and inspirations.
Chakras- Root(1st)
Smokey quartz crystals are one of the most powerful stones for grounding..Working down from the base chakra up through the earth star chakra to ground you to Mother Gaia. Being one of the quartz crystals it has an ability to amplify energy,including its own. Another strong psychic protection stone, that protects from negativity and transmutes the energy by grounding it back down to earth.

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