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Malachite Crystal Sphere 4.8" A +++ Collectors Quality

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A +++ Collector Quality Sphere

Diameter 4.8" inch | 121.92
Weight 6.75 pounds

Malachite Keys: Enlightened Leadership, Creativity, Confidence, Protection, A Healed Heart
Chakras – Solar Plexus (3rd) Heart (4th)

Malachite is a stone of healing and transformation and revelation of a whole new vision. It is soft and a beautiful deep green color with amazing patterns over its surface that all combine to represent all of the earth, the trees, the plants, the flowers, the roots of our being that give us life and all creative forces. It is grounding and because of its dense nature it connects one to the deeper parts of ourselves, our bodies to enable healing and bring about change where it is necessary. Due to its denseness it draws energy out, so that makes this a good healing stone, but it must be cleansed regularly for that matter.