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Light Language Pure Starseed Quartz Crystal Instrument

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I am only releasing a small handful of these pieces, that came through a few nights ago.

The frequency of the Light Language creates the geometries that are needed spatially in the person’s Light body. Like a solar flare, it is a powerful burst that bypasses all other Encodements or transductions because it immediately hits the energy field without having to be broken down into other formats – like an understanding or an emotion. It immediately interacts with the Light body.

It is channeled Dynamic Frequency Encodings via Crystalline Light Stones. It adjusts to the resonance of each person’s vibrational needs in the moment; initiating clearing, balancing, activation, and alignment with a new vibration of Well being.

The Language of Light is a powerful healing tool for Lightworkers on a path of Ascension and empowerment. Your heart speaks Light Language fluently.

It speaks directly to your DNA, activating and recoding your personal vibrational signature as your Higher Self activates the Light Language. Much of its clarity is within the trust of the unknown; breaking through mental barriers by opening heart barriers. Most often, it is not translated as a word-for-word transmission – it is a deeply layered alchemical transmission of information.

Light is a carrier vehicle of consciousness and a base unit of creational information. It is quantum in nature because it is the interaction with an observer/receiver that creates specific information from the dynamic potential of Light Language, or the metaphoric rainbow from the prism.

Dimensions: 1.3" x 1.98" x .88" inches
Weight: 150 carats

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Absolutely Amazing

When I opened my package and gazed at my new light language quartz I immediately felt its high vibrational energy, I can't wait to discover the knowledge it has within!

Magical Crystal Skull

Thank you so much for this beautiful and magical piece. I feel I have met with it before. I am learning much from it.