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Lemurian Seed Quartz & Green Tourmaline Record Keeper Crystal Pendant

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Rare, High Vibration & One of a kind Lemurian Seed Quartz Record Keeper Crystal Pendant

This beautiful high vibration pendant is powerful for meditation, channeling, healing or any other work you are called to do with these. They will connect with you and share their awakened memories and ancient, sacred wisdom through their illuminating beauty and light.

Pleiadian Starbary Crystals have the strongest energetic links with the people of both Atlantis and Lemuria.

Dimensions 2.85" x .50" x 57" inches
Weight: 60 carats
Properties: Sunken Record Keeper, Master Initiation Channeling

Keys: Connection with the Divine Feminine, Unification with the Soul, Access to knowledge and wisdom of Ancient Lemuria
Chakras: Crown (7th) Soul Star (8th)

The sunken record keeper is a 'true' record keeper and they are much rarer than the raised record keeper crystals. the sunken record keepers contains a data bank of information in the stone itself. This piece has a single crystal point inside the main crystal , which can be viewed by the open backside of the Crystal.

| Master Initiation Channeling Crystals |

The Initiation Crystal allows one to connect with the source of Divine knowledge and understanding. This connection can be used to discover and understand one's life path, lessons, and purpose. It is a stone of learning, representing the spiritual. Meditating with the Initiation Crystal allows one to perceive one's source of guidance, utilizing that information to further ones learning.

The seven sided face represents the spiritual seeker-one who is willing to put aside EGO in order to pursue true spiritual knowledge. The three-sided facet directs the spiritual knowledge and information onto the Earth plane, allowing it to be utilized and directed into one's life. This is the path of the spiritual student -first working to acquire spiritual understanding, then applying that understanding to one's own life.

The Initiation Crystal activates inner sight and the third eye. Its energy opens visions and facilitates meditation by focusing the mind on energy of the source. It can aid one in meeting guides and teachers or in connecting with knowledge or teaching which will be most beneficial to one's path.

Pleiadian Starbrary Crystals have the strongest energetic links with the people of both Atlantis and Lemuria.

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