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Lemurian Starseed Quartz Tantric Twin Channeling Crystal

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Large Lemurian Altar Stone. A Very Powerful Energy Signature! 

  • Dimensions  6.2"  x 3.5"  x 2.5" 
  • Weight  2 pounds
  • Properties: Manifest Isis, Master Record Keeper, Tantric Twin

Lemurian Crystals are gentle, ancient healers and teachers waiting to share with you an awakened consciousness within them as you connect to them as a new guardian. Since they were left here and seeded by our ancient brothers and sisters, they hold the ink to the stars and beyond, now, from the past and in the future.

These beautiful crystals are powerful for meditation, channeling, healing or any other work you are called to do with these. 

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Francisco Llanten
May you be blessed by God and the universe every moment

Dear Friend

Thank you so very much for such beautiful, well cared and wrapped crystal.
I felt so much your care, good intentions and energy while opening every layer of the package. Each piece was so beautiful.

The crystal is astonishingly exquisite!!!
It is even better than the pictures.
Thank you so much for your wonderful service

I´m sorry for my moment of doubt, and I hope you can forgive me, forget it and let it go as I´d like to be one of your frequent clients.

The crystal is just amazing!! the description does not match how wonderful it really is!!

I´d like to appreciate so much the discount you gave me and also, the little JOG crystal you sent me.
I could feel the love placed in every little detail of the package.

I think it was better than what I expected and people should now about your marvelous service.

I hope you continue to find and sell beautiful crystals, with such great energy and beauty as people will get the benefit of them. I wish success in your business and love in your heart, relationships and life.

I´ll be looking forward to talking to you soon, in hope of getting the big and beautiful JOG crystal.

Francisco l