Ruby Kyanite Crystal Pendulum .925 SS

A Ruby Kyanite Crystal Dowsing Pendulum of Exceptional Quality. Insights and 'downloads' from Spirit intelligence's.

.925 Sterling Silver
Weight .42 oz
Measurements: 1.42" x .43" in. Total length 7" inches

High vibrational, Quick energy transfer

Kyanite: Inner bridges, psychic abilities, connecting with nature, past life recall, telepathy, empathy
Chakras: All, especially Third eye (6th) Heart (4th)

Ruby - Life Force, Courage, Passion, Strength, Enthusiasm, Adventurousness, Protectiveness
Chakras - Root (1st)

Customer Reviews

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Bill Soinski
Gorgeous Kyanite with ruby.

I use this as a pendant to keep my chakras aligned. Beautiful finish on the piece. Outstanding packing to protect during shipment. I highly recommend this shop.

Adonis R
Received this pendulum a few days ago and I was moved to get it.

It has a strong energy plus no outside energies can be absorbed or attached to it, so it never need clearing or charging. A great to to use for communing with my Higher Self as well as energetic healing and clearing. ❤

robin huntington
This is a beautiful pendulum.

timely delivery, good workmanship, lovely stone, i am very pleased!!!

Chia Chia Chia Chen
5 Stars

Thank You :)

Melinda Wall
Absolutely love my pendulum!

This is the first one I've ever used and I was amazed at how responsive it is. Beautiful piece, I love that it is made with quality silver. :-)