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Kaurilite Crystal Specimen 'Ancient Earth Magic'

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“Kaurilite can work metaphysically to enhance one’s physical, mental and emotional vitality. It is a good material for all types of self-healing practices, lending energetic support to the immune system as well as one’s blood and lymph systems.”

Dimensions: 3.4" x 2.58" x 1.17 " inches
Weight: 78 grams | 2.8 oz

Keys: Link with Nature, longevity, purification, self-healing, love, wisdom, majesty, patience, humor, access to Akashic records, especially Lemuria. 
Chakras: All

Mineral Properties: Amber-like substance called Kaurilite. It is a fossilized or semi-fossillized resin of the ancient Kauri tree, native to New Zealand.