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John of God Rose Quartz Generator Crystal "Manifest Spirit' 16 lbs

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In Awe and Wonder. Absolutely beautiful crystal with a soft serene healing energy. This is one of the largest Rose Quartz John of God Crystals we have ever come across.

Measures 13" x 5.25" x 4.25" inches
Weight 16 pounds / 7257 grams
Origin: Casa Dom Ignacio, Abadiania, Brazil
Authenticity card

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love.

6 roughly equal faces coming to a pyramid point.

Generator crystals are superior for energy magnification, generation, and focus. They are used extensively in crystal grids, ritual magick, and to promote an energized environment. They are said to remove negative energy of all kinds, as well as stimulate and cleanse the chakras.

The Manifest Spirit Crystal displays a five-sided face on front of the crystal termination representing the five elements of Earth. Fire, Water, Wind and Storm. The number five also represents the expression of Spirit energy through form and has been traditionally linked to the Goddess archetype. The Sacred pentagon formed by those 5 sides stimulates one's connection to the Divine Source. Particularly the nurturing and creative energy of the Goddess or Great Mother.

These crystals have the ability to guide one in connecting with the archetypal Goddess energy and in giving birth to one's dreams through action. In meditation, the Manifest Spirit Crystal can help guide one to connect with the Divine Source and to channel that energy through the physical body into expression on the Earth plane. This quartz configuration is particularly useful for those who are willing to dedicate their lives and essences to expressing Divine energy in this realm of matter.

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Sarah Grace
Dear Shilona, the Rose Quartz and her accompanying angel left me speechless when I saw them

and then felt their incredible energies. Everyone is finally settled in and I am thrilled they are all here for this electrically-charged, cosmically powerful energy phase that is continuing to ramp up with the full moon partial eclipse last night …the upcoming full eclipse is less than one degree away from my natal 29 degree Leo Sun.

I'm sensing a new life is being born, with John of God crystals playing a large role in this new energy configuration.I have so appreciated the JOG crystals shifting my perspective and mindset from a " monetary cost/value" one to one of "vibrational resonance". This truly has been a life-changing for me.

I am so incredibly thankfull, gratefull, and joyfull that YOU are the keeper of these crystals who are helping in the next unfoldment of this Creative Life phase. My heart overflows with loving appreciation to YOU and all these crystals beings of loving light and wisdom. This has been quite the crystal journey, and am so glad to have shared it with YOU!

Much love and care,