Clear Quartz & White Topaz Magician Stone Pendant

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Blessed & Energized Clear Quartz Magician Stone Pendant w/ White Topaz.

This beautiful pendant has been powerfully blessed & energized at one the worlds most powerful vortexes in the world, that sits on a crystal plate 270 miles in diameter.

The magician stone Pendant is cut according to principles of sacred geometry so that a star exhibiting four-fold symmetry appears within it. One can see other stars refracted within the star as well. The equilateral cross symbolizes the Tetrahedron.

The Tetrahedron, or four-sided pyramid, is the geometrical principle underlying many types of both organic and inorganic molecules, and provides the microscopic structure of diamonds and of the amino acids that are the building blocks of all life-forms on planet Earth. Thus it is no surprise that the equilateral cross is an ancient symbol of the Mother Goddess, and represents the four elements of earth, air, fire and water and the four directions of the compass. 

The Magician Stone cut pendant is designed to bring the wearer into harmony with the four elements and the four directions, and to help harmonize your energy field with the cosmic flow of energy pouring from from the Mother Goddess and present throughout all creation.

.925 sterling silver
Dimensions  1.5" x 1" x .35" inches
Comes with complimentary 18" .925 sterling silver chain and in black velvet jewelry box.

Metaphysical Properties of Clear Quartz:

Keys – Programmability, amplification of one's intention, healing, magnification of ambient energies, clearing, cleansing, memory enhancement.
Chakras - All

Clear quartz has both piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties, so quartz crystals will respond to heat and pressure by changing their electrical polarities, and by radiating energies. Quartz crystals are ideal for receiving, storing, amplifying and transmitting energy. They are used in computers, liquid crystal display watches, radios, radar systems and many other types of advanced technologies.

Metaphysically, clear quartz crystals have been prized for their ability to transmit healing energies and to attune the bearer to the higher vibrational frequencies of spiritual realms, which exist beyond the visible spectrum of light. Clear quartz amplifies the energy of thoughts and emotions, and can be used to facilitate communication with Angelic Realms, with spiritual guides and teachers, and with other sensitive individuals around the world.

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Kat DeAngelus
Goddess magician stone

This necklace has raised my vibration/frequency and brought me miracles!

I am so happy!

I LOVE this necklace. I felt so happy and energized just wearing it. Thank u so much!

Dear Shilona, Just want to thank you for the beautiful jewellery.

The ring fits me perfectly!!! It must have been meant to be . Thank you so much. The energy of the crystals is incredible.
Warm wishes, Helena

Karen Herrell
Omgoodness! This is amazing. I love this!

Thank you for the smooth and timely transaction.

Rebecca Luis

Adore this necklace. Wonderful energy.

Thanks so much