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John of God Quartz Crystal Sculpture 'The Oracle' Rare & Powerful

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John of God Quartz Crystal Sculpture & Power Stone with Rainbows.

“The Invisible World reveals to us this Truth within its silence.”

“Many of us have had Oracle experiences, though we may not have called them that.

Have you had the feeling there’s a guardian angel looking out for you? Or heard an inner voice that is not your own? Gotten a profound insight that you would not have otherwise considered? Had your prayers answered? Especially in an unexpected way? These are a few of the ways that the invisible world guides us.”

Dimensions 8" x 4" x 2.5" inches
Weight 3 lbs 2.2 oz | 1422 grams
Authenticity Card
Origin: Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil

There is Wisdom, a light that is the breath of the divine energy. This Wisdom is a ray, a brilliance, a mirror, and is the manifestation of the divine energies. It moves everything. it rules over and emanates Nature; it is invisible and a maintaining fire, an inscrutable power of the uncreated interior. When it leaves the creations it immediately goes to the grace of God, to the Holy Spirit. This is what the true alchemists were after. It is found both outside and inside oneself.

We offer the most beautiful, high energy, individually selected A ++ quality John of God Quartz Crystals and Jewelry pieces in the world!

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This Crystal was amazing, unique shape! Nice rainbows.

Would do business with Doorways to Power again!