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John of God Casa Crystal Point w/ Rainbows & Inclusions 'Triumph'

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Tiny Yet Mighty & Powerful John of God Casa Crystal Point with Rainbows and Inclusions.

Measures 3.6" x 1.5" x 1" Inches
Weight 52 grams
Authenticity card
Origin: Casa Dom, Abadiania, Brazil
Properties: Rainbows

Rainbows will appear as internal fractures (foils) Rainbows are the closest manifestations of Pure white light that can be witnessed on this plane. Rainbows unite and integrates heaven and earth.

On special Occasions rainbows choose to live within the the world of a crystal, displaying their magic to us. Truly a gift from the Universe if you are blessed to receive one of these. When used in Meditation Rainbow crystals open the doorway way to the realm of pure color. Back to the source of all life, the Great Central Sun, the foundation of our reality. They are also know to be bringers of happiness and master depression fighters.