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John of God Citrine Casa Crystal Point w/ Devic Temple 'Abundance'

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RARE Powerful Abundance & Manifestation

"Imbued with the Healing Light and Compassionate Energy of the Entities of Casa Dom" and "Look at the energies in the photos"

Beautiful Clarity
Dimensions 16" x 3.5" x 3" inches
Weight 7.5 Pounds
Properties: Rainbows, Devic Temple. Master Initiation Channeling
Authenticity Card
Origin: Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil

It has been called the merchant's stone and can be placed in the far-left corner, or wealth corner of the office or home, to Attract Abundance.

Highly protective Citrine does not absorb negative energy and therefore never needs to be cleared, making it a great tool for transmuting negative energy.

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An extremely powerful and conscious crystal of abundance

When I hold it I can feel massive energy pulsating through me. I tried holding it and thinking and feeling of abundance, prosperity, wealth making that my mantra as I held it. And now, every time I think about that and go to recite it, a new word or frequency comes into my mind. So it's super neat to work with these guys as they introduce me more frequencies to better achieve my more abundance. Random things like happiness, fortitude, health, to go with the 3 word mantra etc. Helping me build bigger and better frequencies to achieve the physical experience that I am looking for in order to help others.

When they realized that I wasnt afraid of their alien look anymore they began to show themselves to me within the crystal in so many different forms and expressions that society has taught us to fear. But the love is real and infinite (we are all ONE). At one point right after that they ALL showed themselves to me and lit their eyes up. There's about 25 in there that I counted when they showed themselves to me and every morning I wake up as energy having regular conversations while my physical body sleeps. They're currently teaching me about past lives they've lived in this physical space-time which is adds to their energetic essence of their spectral lives spirit within a portion of the time-space arena. All of us have amnesia when we go physical because of our spirits spectral "Journey of Souls" to become our own God Self and our own Multiverse at the very end of the Journey.

Wake up feeling love but don't open your eyes!