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John of God Casa Crystal Point w/ Striking Rainbows 'Gallery Quality'

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'Gallery Piece' A +++ Water Clear  (pictures do not due it justice)

Measures 4" x 4" x 2.25" inches
Weight 1.85 lbs | 854 grams
Authenticity Card
Properties: Master Integration Transmitter, Amazing Rainbows
Origin: Casa Dom, Abadiania, Brazil

It is no longer enough to simply ‘get high’ on energy and knowledge. It is necessary to bring the frequency into one’s body and ground it into every action one takes. This is the frequency and teaching of the Integration crystal.  The integration crystal allows one to perceive how to live, act and react from a centered place of spiritual understanding.  It is about applying one’s learning to real life situations and balancing the life of the soul with physical life. The Integration crystal assists one in perceiving what aspects of one’s life are in alignment with spiritual purpose, and which aspects must change in order to reflect ones spiritual knowledge. While the Initiation crystal configuration is about receiving knowledge and information, The Integration crystal s about directing energy into the world and the cosmos. It is through the process of directing higher energy into the world that one comes to understand and utilize one’s own power.