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ISUA Stone Crystal Healing Energy Bracelet 750 million years older than Nuummite Rare

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Very Rare and Powerful, 750 million years older than Nuummite. 

  • Dimensions 11 mm tumbled stones on a comfortable elastic 7" band 
  • Weight  35-40 grams
  • Origin: Ivigtut, Greenland

This recently discovered mineral is amongthe oldest known, over 3.75 billion years old,from the Archaean Eon. 
Isua rock can be very grounding, helping one to anchor one's soul into the body. It is also a stone of protection. It is helpful for removing blockages and for shielding against negative energy.

It is both balancing and energizing, and, due to its ancient age, can be useful in travelling through both time and space of this world. It helps to reconnect with the state of consciousness in which one first arrived to the Earth and to tap into the Earth's records. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Valerie Stephens
Otherworldly Stunning

Beautiful ancient energy. I could not be happier with my bracelet. Thank you so much!🌌🌟✨


Received my Isua Stone bracket and love it. Very comfortable & grounding.

Halina Z
Ancient Wisdom

I received my bracelets and they are absolutely wonderful. Their energy resonated with me right away. A very strong and powerful connection to great wisdom & protection. Doorways to power carries wonderful items. I love the communication and care they provide to their customers. Thank you!

I love this stone! It was so so different.

When I cut the band they all about jumped in different directions. Like little black jumping beans that I always wanted as a child. I have already wrapped them in sterling, and have my Nuummite pendant hanging from their chain.

I almost felt that they recognize each other. Thank for for such a wonderful transaction. ❤️

Isua protection!

Love this bracelet! So gorgeous and amazing awareness of clean "old" "new" Earth. Thank you for this powerful protective piece.

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