Grounded & Protected 2021 Crystal Energy Bracelet (Azozeo Super Activated)

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"The Grounded & Protected bracelet is composed of Master Shamanite, Healers Gold, Guardianite and Black Tourmaline Azeztulite. Combining these stones has brought about a powerful synergy of spiritual protection, purification and grounding. These bracelets are ideal for anyone who wishes to dispel negative influences and stay centered in the physical body. They are especially helpful for spiritually sensitive individuals who are sometimes a little ‘spacey,’ or are vulnerable to psychic attack.

Size: Made with 6 mm beads on comfortable elastic band. Also available in 8 or 10 mm beads.
Guarantee Card

Each Bracelet is personally programmed by Robert Simmons for the highest good of the wearer.
These Limited Edition Bracelets each comes with a signed and numbered Information/Guarantee Card.

The Grounded and Protected 2021 Bracelet is a helpful tool for almost anyone, because the years ahead until 2021 are likely to be times of rapid transformation, which can stir up turmoil, and can deplete one’s natural protection and groundedness. Also, as the Earth assimilates higher and higher vibrational frequencies, it will be useful to have an easily-worn group of stones like these, to help one stay strong, and in one’s body. These bracelets are ideal for warding off all types of negative energy patterns, including hostile non-physical beings and psychic vampires. In addition, they can aid in dissolving negative ‘energy-draining implants’ and dysfunctional patterns which have formed from past traumas." —RS

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My safe braclet
This is an amazing bracelet!
It IS worth it to buy it!
LOVE IT! So beautiful!