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Leandro De Souza Green Tourmaline Crystal Skull Meditation Crystal

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Fine, Deeply Spirited Hand Carved Crystals Skulls by Leandro De Souza, the worlds finest Skull Master Carver.

The first piece of 44 amazing pieces, energetically tuned by me. More will follow.

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While Green Tourmaline is one of the premier stones for self healing. It is ideal for channeling Natures healing power. It attunes one to the energies of the Earth as it opens ones heart and stimulates connection with divine love.

Dimensions: 33.3 mm x 15.22 mm x 9 mm
Weight: 30 Carats
Keys - Healing, Strength, Vitality, Wholeness
Chakras – Heart (4th)

The Dream

Leandro told me he had this dream of searching for and finding the giant crystal in the Peruvian Amazon, hundreds of kilometers west of his home of Governador Valadares, Brazil. Realizing Akator is historically identified as the legendary lost pyramid city of the ancient Ugha Amazon,* I listened intently. In telling the story Leandro presented a small journal, the sketch within said it all, but the real meaning behind his extraordinary vision didn’t hit me until I began drawing the image myself. Within the forest, there buried in the jungle density, were thousands of crystal skulls, mixed with virgin rock crystal. Leandro said these were watching him from all corners, witnessing the liberation of his giant from the canopy of the ages. He told me he dreamed he placed the finished crystal skull AKATOR in his small boat, guided by a spirit skull in front, leading the way, and the Blessed Virgin, larger than life, sitting guard behind him, protecting his vision. There was a blinding tunnel like rainbow of light in front of him, enveloping the guide skull, and piercing the jungle thicket This dream produced a wondrous effect within my imagination, and I began photographing the crystal skulls in the suite, then a posed shot of Leandro, rowing a folding chair with a broom:


When I began the drawing I found myself engaged in the vision, and I had the same dream, placing myself within the boat alongside Leandro, like a little bird. (I usually dream the dreams of the images I make, finding myself in faraway places and times...The Mayan court, or the ruins at Newgrange.) Within the dream I noticed two important things that I later remembered when awake. The first is the element of the Blessed Virgin, she is there as a dream guide and portal opener, someone who is always present in such dreams of inspiration, and stays behind to close the dream portal. The second was the color and nature of the rainbow tunnel. This is the conduit we travel on within our dreams, the zephyr, or zuvuya. This is also called the “rainbow bridge” but science has named it the Einstein-Rosen Bridge. It is the Shaman’s link between this world and the dream world, the conduit between what the Maya call the Tonal and the Nagual. Leandro used his smaller crystal skull, I call her Isator, as the guide in his dream, because he is dedicated to their legacy.

Crystal skulls are the keepers of dreams:

The Reality

Leandro told me he found the crystal and retrieved it as the dream foretold. What a journey this must have entailed. From the Crystal skull’s Oracle** deck record, AKATOR’s raw crystal was found in 1999, and carved in 2002. It took him 6 months to carve the AKATOR image out from the raw smoky quartz rock crystal. (Quartz is very hard, a 9 out of 10 on the MOHS hardness scale.) AKATOR is huge, beautiful, loaded with clouds, stars and crosses and clefts, has a huge energy envelope, weighs 144kg.** or 350 pounds, and has a six figure price tag. Leandro says the crystals tell him how to carve them. As with all people I’ve met who are living the dream, it is focusing our Intent that makes it so. Power in dreams is given with thought, through the dream hands. There are no tools needed in dreamtime, but I saw them there anyway, a shovel, and supplies on the floor of the boat.

Leandro himself is a brilliant spirit, we are made of light inside our dreams.


When Leandro Souza charged me with the duty to execute his vision, he gave me the life sized crystal skull I call ISATOR as payment, telling me I would need her as a guide in making the image. He told me she was his guide to find AKATOR. He was so right, I used her light to help me understand the truth of these enigmatic mind expanding silicon based life forms, and to draw the image of the dream as he intended.

She now sits on my night-stand charging my dreams, and remembering everything.

By Michael A. Krapek


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