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Golden Lemurian Quartz Grounding Crystal with Record Keepers

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Rare & Powerful Golden Healer Lemurian Lemurian Seed Grounding Crystal Point, beautifully artisan polished, still retains some lines and has wonderful clarity.

A crystal with an Eight sided face is called a Grounding crystal. They are quite rare and not easily available. Grounding crystals help you deal with practical matters in a logical and clear-headed way, attuning you to Earth energies and preventing your thoughts from becoming “scattered“

When used in meditation, they allow you to form a strong connection with higher knowledge, but keep you grounded so you can apply that information in a practical sense.

Dimensions 2.94" x 2.2" x 1.65" inches
Weight: 242 grams | 8.6 oz

Additional Properties: Sunken Record Keepers , Pleiadian Starbrary, Portal Time Link and Grounding Crystal.

Lemurian Crystals are gentle, ancient healers and teachers waiting to share with you an awakened consciousness within them as you connect to them as a new guardian. Have you chosen them or has the crystal chosen you. They are powerful healers; clear blockages clear the chakras and will empower you through the dreaming. Lemurians are amazing for channeling. Since they were left here and seeded by our ancient brothers and sisters, they hold the ink to the stars and beyond, now, from the past and in the future.

These beautiful crystals are powerful for meditation, channeling, healing or any other work you are called to do with these. They will connect with you and share their awakened memories and ancient, sacred wisdom through their illuminating beauty and light

The Starbrary Mission. The language of the Starbrary is similar to that of Lemurian Seed Crystals, but more complex due to the incredible amount of information each one contains.

They are also thought to contain information required to help the Earth at a time of extreme global need or crisis. It follows, therefore, that these amazing and significant crystals are beginning to become available in various parts of the world, so that their reach to Light Workers will be on a global scale.

Pleiadian Starbrary from the Pleiadian System, are recognized by the geometric symbols along their sides - circles, squares, triangles These have the strongest energetic links with the people of both Atlantis and Lemuria.

||| Master Record Keeper |||

THE RAISED RECORD KEEPER crystal is by far the most common form found today. It is recognized by raised triangles that appear on the main facets of the stone's termination, pointing 'upward' toward the apex of the termination. While these triangles may appear or 'pop' suddenly they are just as likely to be already visible when one first receives the stone. Raised Record Keepers activate cellular memory and assist in retrieving information from one's lineage or past lives. These stones tend not to be preprogrammed with information; rather they work as a key to unlock what is recorded within one's own cellular structure.

Each triangle appears as a trigger to activate a specific chain link on the Dna . When working with these stones, it is not unusual for triangles to rise and disappear as aspects of one's cellular memory are cleared and integrated and new aspects are activated. The SUNKEN RECORD KEEPER is indicated by an upward -pointing triangle that appears to be cut into the stone and recedes into the surface of the crystal.

These are similar to 'keyholes' in the surface of the facet but distinctly triangular in shape. The sunken record keeper is a 'true' record keeper and they are much rarer than the raised record keeper crystals. while the the raised record keeper crystal activates cellular memory so information can be retrieved from one's own internal data banks, the sunken record keepers contains a data bank of information in the stone itself.

Usually, this information was recorded during the lifetimes of ancient civilizations and the Star Seed nations has also been recovered. Generally, only the soul who originally programmed the crystal will be able to fully access its information, though the triangle may be visible and the crystal usable by others.

Portal Time Link Crystal:

Portal quartz can be used to access other dimensions, times and realms of existence. Portal Quartz configurations consist of a parallelogram that creates a seven face on the termination of the crystal. When looking at the main face of the stone, this parallelogram can be either on the left or right side. Occasionally a Portal will appear which exhibits both of these at once. The direction of the parallelogram indicates the type of Journey one will be able to take in meditation with the stone.

A left - facing parallelogram activates the right side of the brain enabling one to access visions, emotional experiences and healing information. A parallelogram on the right side of the main face activates the left side of the brain, allowing one to access information on technologies, sciences, processes and structures of a more linear nature.

Generally a right - facing portal will connect one with life times, dimensions and beings that can assist in emotional healing and intuitive work:

While a left facing Portal will connect one with lifetimes, dimensions and beings that reveal technologies and sciences that could be helpful in our evolution and cognitive development.

A portal Quartz can be used effectively in alternate-life healing work. All lifetimes occur simultaneously and healing or growth in one lifetime affects all others. Generally a right facing portal can be used to heal emotional wounds from the past or from past lives.

Left facing Portals can be used to explore future lives and to envision one's future desires for this lifetime. Right - Directed Portals can assist one in perceiving the Karmic roots for current life situations, while left directed portals can assist one in perceiving the karmic effects of one's current life choices.

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J and D
Quite a Little Powerhouse...

Once again, as I attune with my Multidimensional Aspects, Shilona & the Doorways to Power Team have provide the perfect spiritual tool at just the right time. Originally, I purchased this smaller scale Lemurian Grounding Healer for travel use, while on the road. As fate would have it, I have been grounded at home with the current energetics. As it turned out, this is exactly where I was supposed to be & this Crystal has helped me integrate healing of some of my own personal shadow aspects for healing, that I thought I had already overcome. Anyone looking at the World around can see this very scenario continuing to play out for healing as well. Finding the balance by discerning the blending of energetics needed in each moment is important & wise. Many today are headed on a path to face some of their deepest shadows, as well, with some rooted in egoic pride, shame, regret, etc.. Some even perhaps on the other hand, ‘blinded by the light‘ in avoidance, of facing the fact that they might also have such issues not authentically healed. Like a thorn that has healed over, only to later to abscess & needing to be drawn out with a drawing salve...

This little Lemurian proved to facilitate this process for me like the Little Mouse who assisted the Lion to draw thorn from the Lions Paw. Perfect in entering the Current Energetics of the Lions Gate Portal, all while Sirian energetics provided me some levity, when picturing the Little Mouse helping the Mighty Lion. Harmony comes from balance & discerning of what energetics are applicable in order to allow you guidance in the form of a ‘Gentle Guiding Hand’ as opposed to the ‘Universe crashing Down upon You.’ Sometimes, a little ego is called for, as long as pride doesn’t keep you from getting stuck. The same I find at times can be true for staying out in the Sun too long, like getting sunburnt or even blinded. I like to think of “Grace” as the ability to go from one to the other, Without getting stuck, thus allowing for discernment of what’s needed in each moment for the best outcome for all. It’s a “Heal Thyself” first authentically, in order to be able help others, scenario. After all, who would want to have a healer or doctor work on them, without first discerning that said healer or doctor, was in an authentic state of grounded well being beforehand. Be the change you want to see, but always know where you are in your surroundings & what kind of energetics your blending with either intentionally or unintentionally. The word discernment is a paradox in itself. Look up the definition & you will see. Lift the Veil, the unbalanced in the World around us today might actually be related to not being able to have true heartfelt resonance expressed by not having compassion to see both side of the coin. The Alpha & Omega. Male & Female. Day & Night. Ask yourself what would one be like without the other.
Be a Peaceful Warrior who learned of True Strength by not letting pride stand in the way.

In Peace,