Golden Optical Calcite Crystal India 'Multilevel Awareness' Rare

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Golden Optical Calcite Crystal with Rainbows & Rare Sunken Record Keepers.

The "Multilevel Awareness" Crystal, relating to or involving many levels.

Can be programmed to amplify the effect of one's intent, helping bring the intent into the physical world. This stone can be used in meditation to achieve multilevel awareness, which allows one to hold hold paradoxical in its very essence and those who wish to understand it must embrace paradox.

Dimensions  1.4"  x 1.82"  x 1.11" inches
Weight  80 grams | 3 oz

Keys: Insight, Clarity, Manifestation, Forgiveness 
Chakras: All
Origin: India

"Calcite helps clear energetic blockages, stimulates the third eye and aids in releasing the past.  It can help one see possibilities for renewal , growth and creation that were previously hidden"

It assists one in getting out of one's own way, and releasing resistance to Divine Will. Its energy is is related to both fire and the wind elements. When these two elemental forces are stimulated together they bring enhanced physical and mental energy, clarity and focus, and experience of the spiritual 'fire'. Inviting spirit into one's life and to release the resistance to change that surrender brings.

It helps remove energetic blockages impending one's spiritual connection . It assists in bringing clarity and understanding of the lessons behind current life situations. When placed on the chakras or energy meridians, it can dissolve constrictions., stagnation, densities, or other blocked energies, restoring proper flow. It can also help others release attachment to the past and encourages one to begin again with a clean slate. It can help one forgive oneself and others for past mistakes.

All types of Calcite work with each other, but this Calcite also harmonizes with Moldavite, Phenacite, Azeztulite, Scolectite and Danburite.

Record Keeper Crystals 

The raised record keeper crystal is by far the most common form found today. It is recognized by raised triangles that appear on the main facets of the stone's termination,pointing 'upward' toward the apex of the termination. While these triangles may appear or 'pop' suddenly they are just as likely to be already visible when one first receives the stone. Raised Record Keepers activate cellular memory and assist in retrieving information from one's lineage or past lives.

These stones tend not to be pre programmed with information ; rather they work as a key to unlock what is recorded within one's own cellular structure. Each triangle appears as a trigger to activate a specific chain link on the Dna . When working with these stones, it is not unusual for triangles to rise and disappear as aspect's of one's cellular memory are cleared and integrated and new aspects are activated.

THE SUNKEN RECORD KEEPER is indicated by an upward -pointing triangle that appears to be cut into the stone and recedes into the surface of the crystal. These are similar to 'keyholes' in the surface of the facet but distinctly triangular in shape. The sunken record keeper is a 'true' record keeper and they are much rarer than the raised record keeper crystals. while the the raised record keeper crystal activates cellular memory so information can be retrieved from one's own internal data bank's,the sunken record keepers contains a data bank of information in the stone itself.

Usually, this information was recorded during the lifetimes of ancient civilizations and the Star Seed nations has also been recovered. Generally, only the soul who originally programmed the crystal will be able to fully access its information, though the triangle may be visible and the crystal usable by others.

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Great one of a kind stone

This is such a pretty piece with rainbows inside. Shilona only picks the best of the best and this piece is one of them! Love it!