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Girasol Quartz Traveler Crystal Skull 'Back to Source'

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Hand Carved Girasol Quartz Traveler Crystal Skull , serves as a doorway to this mystical state of being (the Void or clear light).

Humanity originated ‘far beyond the stars’, and is now on its way back to the Source”.

Traveling is an essential activity; our physical and mental spaces become aligned, and thus enable a new dimension of discovery (from the most intimate to the most foreign).

Fine, Deeply Spirited Hand Carved Crystals Skulls by Leandro De Souza, the worlds finest Skull Master Carver.

“I am fascinated by stones, but even more fascinated by the energy the stones give me and my sculptures. I do not choose what becomes of a stone. The stone itself moves me to create the form it wishes to continue it’s existence in” Leandro.

Dimensions: 2.1" x 5.15" x 1.7" inches
Weight: 9.2 oz | 260 grams

"Girasol Quartz is a milky or foggy-looking variety of translucent quartz that can resemble opal or moonstone. It is named after Girasol Opal, and the term 'girasol”'comes from an Italian word that means 'turn toward the sun.' Girasol Quartz is excellent for emotional healing. It nourishes the emotional body and instills a current of gentleness. This stone is ideal to keep beside one’s bed for dreaming, as it provides links to the unconscious and the inner realms. It facilitates the inner alchemy of beneficial change through entering the deepest realms of Silence."

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Amazing energy! Lovely rainbows and internal markings. Looking forward to working with this crystal, especially in regards to dreams.