Fluorite Crystal Pendulum .925 SS

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Beautiful Fluorite Crystal Pendulum Set in .925 Sterling Silver Fluorite is an excellent discernment tool that helps steer you clear of fraud or deception. It is often used as purification or cleansing tool in healing rituals.In the Tarot deck, the swords are known for carrying the mental powers.

Dimensions 1.2" x .43" inches

Keys – Mental enhancement and clarity, improved decision-making, clearing the energy fields
Chakras - All

The sword of intelligence is depicted swiftly cutting through uncertainties of potential with power of choice. 

Pendulums are divination tools – they help in gaining insight and understanding about your own self, someone else, an incident or an occurrence. Pendulums have been used for ages for divination and determining the answer to any question which the rational mind cannot perceive.