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Eudialyte Aegirine Crystal Skull 'Higher Love'

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Hand Carved Eudialyte Aegirine Crystal Skull.

Fine, Deeply Spirited Hand Carved Crystals Skulls by Leandro De Souza, the worlds finest Skull Master Carver.

Eudialyte opens the heart chakra, then helps to produce a loving connection to base chakra energy, which unites your emotional feelings with physical expression. It has a strong ability to cause coincidence or synchronicity to occur in your life and creates an increase in both beta and alpha brain waves.

Alpha brain waves help to increase your creativity and may stimulate clairaudience and help you to develop telepathy and ESP.

Dimensions 43.74 mm x 36.65 mm x 51 mm
Weight 118 grams | 4.2 oz
Origin: Russia

Eudialyte is a stone of life force and love force. This powerful and rare stone brings harmony and balance to the yearnings of the heart with the physical reality. It activates and balances the root chakra and the heart chakra.

This is an excellent stone for boosting your creativity, especially if you have gifts that perhaps you are aware of, but because of circumstances in your life you have not had the opportunity to develop. It is said to create an increase in both beta and alpha brain waves. This increase in alpha brain waves is part of the reason why Eudialyte is such a powerful stone to enhance creativity.

Aegirine "The Premier & Powerful Energy Protector"

Aegirine crystals are wonderful tools for removing negative or stuck energies from all levels of the subtle bodies, and activating the positive energies that should be there. They are stones of confidence and strength, allowing one to share one's light even in the darkest places - in the inner or outer world. There are few stones as effective as Aegirine for breaking the attachments of negative entities or negativity patterns to one's etheric body.