Diamond Vision Crystal Necklace Pendant 'Limited Edition'

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Ultra Rare & Energetically Tuned Diamond Vision Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver (Only 2 Available)

Contains: Diamonds + Herkimer Diamonds

"Herkimer Diamonds are Quartz crystals well known for their visionary qualities. They stimulate the 3rd eye and promote lucid dreaming. They help bring spiritual light into the body and can aid in the vibrational ascension process. They can also help one connect with Angels, Sprite Guides and the Higher Self."

925 Sterling silver double-helix wire Wrap, resonating as closely as possible with our DNA.

Dimensions 2.35 x .30 x .30" inches
Comes with 18" Sterling Silver Chain
Azozeo Super-Activated Stones!

Another beneficial feature of these crystal pendants is their vertical alignment, paralleling the alignment of the chakra column. The tube magnifies and blends the currents of the stones indies and the double - helix spiral acts as a concurrence-enhancing influence to the whole of this piece.