Diamantina Laser Wand 'GALACTIC' Star Seed Quartz Pleiadian Starbaray 5.25"

Diamantina Laser Wands are from the Diamantina region of Brazil and are widely acknowledged as being one of the highest quality sources for Laser Wand

Dimensions 5.25" x .90" x .70" inches
Weight  58 grams | 2 oz
Properties: Record Keeper, Pleiadian Starbrary, Channeling

This wand is a highly effective tool for removal of energetic attachments.
Surgically removing negative attitudes & emotions
Accessing Lemurian & Atlantian information
Facilitating shamanic healing
and Providing a source of divine white light.

"A powerful tool, Ideal for use by vibrational healers, Reiki therapists and other energy workers"

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic crystal.

This is Soul .. as every Crystal from this seller is. The Crystals from Diamantina has a very special energy - hard to describe in words, you have to experience it. Blessings

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