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Danburite Synergy 12 Super Nova Earrings

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Danburite Super Nova Post Earrings

The metaphysical community prizes Danburite for its ability to connect the bearer to sources directly to sources of Higher Wisdom and to vast libraries of information located in the "akashic records". "Akasha," in Sanskrit, means "brilliant," "shining" or "luminous."

8 mm; approx. 2.1 carats; Sterling Silver

This remarkable pendant combines two spectacular cuts. On the back of the Moldavite Gemstone is a modified Millennium Cut, a starburst pattern that was created in the early years of the 21st Century by master jewelers to reflect the emerging consciousness of a new millennium. The surface of the gemstone is laced with an intricate pattern of flat hexagons, like a honeycomb or the eye of a honeybee. 

The compound eye of a honeybee consists of an array of hexagonal visual sensors designed to maximize the honeybee's ability to detect tiny movements in shadow and in the lower, infrared light frequencies, enabling the honeybee to achieve maximum awareness of predator movements in deep shadow and also provides amazingly acute peripheral vision.

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Love my Danburite earrings ❤️Thanks sister

powerful earrings

The item was shipped on time. The packaging is impeccable as always. Earrings are very beautiful, worth the investment. They are actually a little larger than I expected. After wearing them I felt a warm energy surging, this is the second day I am wearing them and I still feel this energy. This is actually the first time I felt the energy of a stone strongly.

Danburite earrings

Very nice quality love the energy from these earrings more than pleased with my purchase this store carries nothing but high quality crystals with a good intent to help the human conscious collective thank you so much!!!

These are the most beautiful earrings!!!!

Shilona has been wonderful to work with and I appreciate the level of love that goes into every shipment I receive! Beautifully wrapped with a special gift inside ✨ thank you Shilona for always making me feel so special! The true gift is interacting with you and these high quality pieces of jewelry that help me keep my high vibration throughout my day have been such a blessing thank you!!! ✨