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Danburite Synergy 12 Tantric Twin Manifestation Crystal "Angelic Spirit"

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A +++ Quality Danburite w/ Rainbows

"Akasha," in Sanskrit, means "brilliant," "shining" or "luminous."

Dimensions 2.92" x 1.46" x 1.1" inches
Weight 74 grams | 2.6 oz
Keys: Angelic Communication, Channeling, Inter dimensional Travel, Peace, Freedom from Stress
Chakras: Heart (3rd) crown (7th) Soul star (8th)
Crystal Properties: Rainbows, Manifestor, Twin

Danburite is a very hard stone with a vitreous luster. The metaphysical community prizes Danburite for its ability to connect the bearer to sources directly to sources of Higher Wisdom and to vast libraries of information located in the "akashic records".

"Akashic records" is a theosophical term referring to a universal library of light which records every thought, word, and action, past, present and future, and the templates for all structures and processes in the material world. These records are impressed on a subtle substance called akasha or Soniferous Ether.

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Karyn Baker
Absolutely amazing.

The crystal feels like an old friend. Thank you.