Danburite & Morganite Earth Heart Crystal Pendant .925 SS

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The Danburite & Morganite Earth Heart Crystal Pendant Necklace has an ability to create a "peaceful refuge in alignment with the deep and pure Heart of the Earth, revealing lessons in Oneness and facilitating humanity in achieving global consciousness."

The four fold symmetry of the Earth Heart pendant echoes the four-fold symmetry of the tetrahedral silicon dioxide molecules that produce crystals of all types. The four-fold symmetry also symbolizes the four directions and the four elements, and Earth Heart crystals help to ground us in the here and now on the planet Earth. The four-fold symmetry of the Earth Heart crystal also connects the bearer to the Great Goddess, who has been honored for millennia with symbolic depictions of the four directions of the compass.

Set in .925 Sterling Silver with Complimentary 18" Chain
Dimensions: 1.2" x .62" x .33" inches

Danburite Keys: Angelic Communication, Channeling, Inter dimensional Travel, Peace, Freedom from Stress
Chakras: Heart (3rd) crown (7th) Soul star (8th)

Danburite is a very hard stone with a vitreous luster. The metaphysical community prizes Danburite for its ability to connect the bearer to sources directly to sources of Higher Wisdom and to vast libraries of information located in the "akashic records".

"Akasha," in Sanskrit, means "brilliant," "shining" or "luminous." "Akashic records" is a theosophical term referring to a universal library of light which records every thought, word, and action, past, present and future, and the templates for all structures and processes in the material world. These records are impressed on a subtle substance called akasha or Soniferous Ether.

Morganite Keys: Divine Love & Compassion

Known as Pink Emerald, Morganite is rare and beautiful, heart energy that effortlessly cleanses and activates your heart, bringing love into our life. It has been said to be one of the highest frequency stones available.

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Anne Wutchiett

My experience with gems and minerals from Doorways has never fallen short, and this beauty is no exception... from Andaras, to Lemurians, the quality is exceptional, as is the service and attention to detail. This particular combination, is quite something to be felt and to work in unison with. Always a positive experience!

שרון יהלום
Dear Shilona ! I received yesterday the amazing crystal pendant

I already started working with the stone and is really wonderful.
Thanks a lot for the amazing bracer.
Thanks and best regards



Thank you so much. This is a gorgeous piece. I will be looking for a shorter chain but that is just my preference
Thank you so much!