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Danburite Crystal Pendant .925 Sterling Silver 'Angelic Healer'

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Danburite Synergy 12 Crystal Pendant with Rainbows and of exceptional quality.

Danburite is a very hard stone with a vitreous luster. The metaphysical community prizes Danburite for its ability to connect the bearer to sources directly to sources of Higher Wisdom and to vast libraries of information located in the "akashic records".

"Akasha," in Sanskrit, means "brilliant," "shining" or "luminous." "Akashic records" is a theosophical term referring to a universal library of light which records every thought, word, and action, past, present and future, and the templates for all structures and processes in the material world. These records are impressed on a subtle substance called akasha or Soniferous Ether.

Set in .925 Sterling Silver
Dimensions: 2.1" x .81" x .61" inches
Complimentary Sterling Silver Chain

Keys: Angelic Communication, Channeling, Inter dimensional Travel, Peace, Freedom from Stress

Chakras: Heart (3rd) crown (7th) Soul star (8th)

Rainbows in Crystals

Rainbows will appear as internal fractures (foils) Rainbows are the closest manifestations of Pure White Light that can be witnessed on this plane. Rainbows unite and integrates heaven and earth. On special Occasions rainbows choose to live within the the world of a crystal, displaying their magic to us.

Truly a gift from the Universe if you are Blessed to receive one of these. When used in Meditation Rainbow crystals open the doorway way to the realm of pure color. Back to the source of all life, the Great Central Sun, the foundation of our reality. They are also know to be bringers of happiness and master depression fighters.

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