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Satyaloka Azeztulite Sphere 'Heart of the Azez' Amazing & Rare

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More intense than any other stone in the mineral kingdom. Azozeo Super Activated Crystals carry much higher frequencies than the non-activated versions of the same stones.

This piece has a beautiful heart on the surface as seen in photos. "The heart of the Azez"

Diameter: 3.15" inches 
Weight: 700 grams | 1.5 lbs
Authenticty Card
Origin -  Mysterious Place South Indian Mountains High Vibration Monastery, India
Keys –  Spiritual Awakening, Planetary Consciousness, Receiving Light, knowledge from the higher planes
Chakras - Third eye (6th) Crown (7th) Soul Star (8th) Transpersonal (9th -14th)

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Sarah Grace
Rainbow Heart Sphere Radiance

I just wanted you to know that the crystals arrived here safely and I am feeling SO blessed by their presence and their energies…I agree with you that the heart rainbow crystal is one of the most profound stones I have had the pleasure to meet. I am awed and humbled to enter into a relationship with her…I can tell she has much to share and we have much to experience together...

Thank you again for being such a thoughtful, connected stone guardian who sends them on their way in such a meaningful and delightful way, full of love and caring…