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Colombian Lemurian Dow Crystal Pendant w/ Watermelon Tourmaline .925 SS

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This beautiful high vibration pendant is powerful for meditation, channeling, healing or any other work you are called to do with these. They will connect with you and share their awakened memories and ancient, sacred wisdom through their illuminating beauty and light.

Dimensions 3.4" x .81" x .65" inches
Weight: 80 carats
Keys: Connection with the Divine Feminine, Unification with the Soul, Access to knowledge and wisdom of Ancient Lemuria
Chakras: Crown (7th) Soul Star (8th)

The temple Heart Crystal is a fairly rare formation of Quartz. When one of these jewels does appear it is a sign of impending transformation and a quantum leap in consciousness.

Watermelon Tourmaline Keys - Calm & Joy

Is particularly well suited to working simultaneously with the physical, emotional, and spiritual components of the heart. it can awaken the "higher heart," the energy center just above the heart chakra, also know as the seat of the soul. Watermelon Tourmaline teaches one the meaning of joy- that unbounded happiness which is not caused by any external circumstance but instead the natural condition of being. This is also its source of

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Samina Shafik
This is such a magical pendant, exactly what I wanted!

The beauty and clarity is AMAZING, and the energy is otherworldly!