Clear Quartz Star of David Vogel Crystal Pendant .925 SS "Protective Shield"

Clear Quartz Triangle Star of David Vogel Crystal Pendant -

Marcel Vogel designed it as a healing tool and protective shield for healers and light workers. Marcel found each quartz crystal had a unique signature vibration,by precisely faceting raw quartz, vogel was able to produce a consistent vibratory pattern that belonged to the cut. In effect, by precisely faceting the quartz, we "tune" the crystal, providing a coherent base program that the crystal will then hold and perform for us.

The Star of David cut is one developed by Marcel Vogel - IBM research scientist and founder of Psychic Research, Inc. and is of two triangular cuts, one triangle pointing up and the other pointing down, symbolizing the higher and lower trinities, the coming together of Spirit and Earth, offering the wearer protection, wholeness and access to the Higher Self.

Dimensions 1.25" x 0.5" x 0.1875" inches
Complementary .925 Sterling silver chain

Keys: Programability, Amplification of One's Intention, Healing Magnification of Ambient Energies, Clearing, Cleansing, Memory Enhancement.
Chakras - All

Clear quartz crystals have been prized for their ability to transmit healing energies and to attune the bearer to the higher vibrational frequencies of spiritual realms, which exist beyond the visible spectrum of light

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
I looked for a necklace like this for a while. It exceeded my expectations

and it’s now my favorite necklace. Thank you so much.

Very beautiful quartz. I bought it from Italy

and it takes about 2 weeks to arrived. Very satisfied!!!

Beautiful and Light Energy Pendant

I recently received my Star of David pendant. I have been looking for quite some time a piece like this.
When it arrived I was over joyed with it. I began to smudge and cleanse it with my sage, and then did a lovely programming of peace, joy, love, protection, and abundance for it.
Then I wore it to bed... to infuse my energy.
Thank you for the prompt shipment.. I will definitely order again.
P.S. My daughter also loves it!


Absolutely beautiful pendant! Love it! Will be looking forward to future purchases.

Love the necklace, super fast shipping, and the best service!

I will definitely come back for more. Thanks so much for everything Shilona!

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