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Citrine Lightbrary Kundalini Quartz Starbrary Dow Crystal Cluster

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One of a Kind Kundalini Quartz Lightbrary Crystal Cluster. With many additional properties this piece is powered by immense energy...

Additional properties: Temple Heart Dow, Twin, Channeling, Pleiadian Starbrary

* Dimensions  3" x 4" x 2.8" inches 
* Weight 343 grams | 12.1 oz
* Keys: Manifestation, personal will, creativity, mental clarity  
* Chakras: Root (1st) sexual/creative (2nd) solar plexus (3rd)

"Powered by the Sun, Citrine warms, cleanses, and energizes.  Highly protective Citrine does not absorb negative energy and therefore never needs to be cleared, making it a great tool for transmuting negative energy"