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Cintamani Stone ET Spaceship Crystal Carving 'Celestial Substance'

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Ultra Rare Cintamani Stone ET Spaceship Crystal Carving.

First you must understand Alchemy was once the normal way of interacting with the world. Everything was viewed as in the process of transmutation or changing into something else - like the acorn into the oak - simultaneously unraveling and being reborn.

Precious and quite rare Translucent Tektite. Simply appears like a dark colored gravel stone and so; there is a possibility that not many people recognize its value. They have a unique appearance and energy which is unlike any other. Vibrant and potent with deeply healing energy, this stone is translucent a smoky brown, sometimes lavender, Smokey, or very clear on the inside, while the outside is fully black.

Carving crystals is a practice dating back to ancient civilizations, when used in energy work, carved crystals have their metaphysical properties amplified, and connects much deeper with their "Guardian' as the intention of what is carved can act as a very powerful programming technique.

Dimensions: .95" x 1.7" x .59" inches
Weight: 40 carats

What does this mean for you...

A stone of initiation. When one invites its energies to merge with one's own, it can 'tip the scales,' turning what is merely possible into something actual, transforming potential into manifestation. When one is working toward spiritual awakening and transformation of the self, it can push one forward into the inner processes that need to occur.

A powerful stone of protection. It builds a vibrational shield around one's auric field, preventing negative forces and entities from entering. A stone of creative power. It acts like a fuse that sets off the 'explosion' of one's full capacity to manifest one's visions."

* Hidden like Easter eggs and sprinkled like manna from heaven amidst the ancient statues, spirit-emitting thankgas and breathtaking paintings was the symbol of one of our favorite subjects, the Chintamani Stone or "wish fulfilling gem" of Tibetan Buddhism.

The Tibetan symbol for the Chintamani is the pyramid of triple dots, circles or rings.

Cintamani Stone, also spelled Chintamani, known by Hindus and Buddhists as the "wish fulfilling jewel", said by some to be the equivalent of the philosopher's stone in western alchemy.

It has been Connected with Heaven, the Holy Grail, the Cathars, and the Knights Templar, Buddhas and Bodhisattva's meditate on this symbol that floats in their halo or crowns.

In Picture #2 Depicted as a monk with a halo around his shaved head, a staff to force open the gates of hell and a wish-fulfilling jewel to light up the darkness. Dressed in a simple robe unlike most other bodhisattvas.

Picture # 6 Jesus holds a Cintamani Stone in Leanardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi. The heavenly palaces are said to be made of this gem. Monks collect and process the celestial substance.

Photo # 4 Cintamani is the sacred stone of the Brotherhood of the Star, the last true remnant of the mystery schools of Light from Atlantis. The esoteric symbol of the Brotherhood of the Star is the heavenly stone of Sirius, fire jewel, cinta mani, lapis ex coelis, which represents the jewel of our true Self (atma-buddhi-manas

Cintamani stones are pure Light and their energy can not be misused. They help dissolving implants and strengthen your inner guidance. But be aware that they are strong amplifiers and serve as magnifying lens to show you what is inside of you, in order for you to transform it and make you more ready for your mission so that you can play your part in the planetary liberation process.

Aum Mani Padme Hum, the Jewel is in the Lotus.

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I'm kicking myself for not ordering this sooner. Smoother and more potent than the moldavite and Libyan Dessert glass pieces I have worked with. It's a powerful yet soothing wave that washes over you and holds you in a safe bubble. One of my favorite pieces ever! Thanks, Shilona and the Doorways to Power team for all you do!