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Cerussite & Barite Specimen w/ Galena

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Translucent golden Cerussite crystal on orange-pink bladed Barite crystals with gray metallic Galena.

Dimensions 1.43" x 2.58" x 1.85" inches
Weight 3.1 oz | 89 grams
Locality: Mibladen, Atlas Mountains, Khenifra Province, Morocco

Cerussite Keys: Alchemical transformation of Seld, evolutionary change
Chakras: Root (1st) Crown (7th)

It works to transform the human persona into a living manifestation of the Divine. For those spiritual pioneers who desire self-transformation, Cerussite can be a usual tool.

& Barite Keys: Inner Vision, Energetic Alignment, Inter Dimensional Travel
Chakras: Third Eye (6th) Crown (7th)