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John of God Casa Crystal Point - Temple Heart Dow 'Master Crystal' A +++

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A True Master Crystal.

Measures 5" x 1.73" x 1.49" inches
Weight 11 oz | 310 grams
Authenticity Card
Properties: Temple Heart Dow, Portal Time Link , Rainbows
Origin: Casa Dom, Abadiania, Brazil

The Dow crystal is known not only for its beautiful geometries and symmetry but also for its powerful heart -activation properties. The temple Heart Crystal is a fairly rare formation of Quartz. When one of these jewels does appear it is a sign of impending transformation and a quantum leap in consciousness in compassion. It has one of the highest frequencies of any clear quartz configuration - an energy frequency that is particularly important in these times.

A Right - facing portal will connect one with life times, dimensions and beings that can assist in emotional healing and intuitive work: Directed Portals can assist one in perceiving the Karmic roots for current life situations, while left directed portals can assist one in perceiving the karmic effects of one's current life choices.

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Beyond Stunning

This piece is beyond stunning. It is the most beautiful crystal I have ever seen. The energy is amazing, absolutely incredible. Literally, I cried. I cried for every thing that needed to heal in me and then I felt the most amazing peace. I look forward to the journeys this piece and I will have in the upcoming years.