Bloodstone Crystal Pendulum .925 SS

Bloodstone Crystal Pendulum set in sterling silver.

"Helps Facilitates dispelling negative energies, entering Christ consciousness"

In the middle ages, the red spots in Bloodstone were thought to be spots of Christs blood, and magical powers were attributed to the stones. Bloodstone is a great purifier. It grounds one fully in the body, for the enhancement of one's strength, determination and courage. It increases vitality, and can aid one in facing physical mortality. It is a good talisman for those that are ill, even if curing the illness is not possible, because of its power to let one look unflitchingly at the truth. Bloodstone is a stone of noble sacrifice, and it can offer courage and solace. It can elicit the highest, most altruistic character traits in whomever carries or uses it. At it's most effective, it stimulates the urge toward Christ Consciousness.

Dimensions: 1" x .48" in. Total length w/ chain 7" inches
Weight: 7 grams

Bloodstone Keys - Strength, courage, purification, vitality
Chakras - Root (1st)

Bloodstone strengthens the root chakra, increasing one's zest for living and endurance in physical activity. It supports blood purification and purging the body of toxins.

"The Pendulum is an ancient method of divination"

Pendulums are divination tools – they help in gaining insight and understanding about your own self, someone else, an incident or an occurrence. Pendulums have been used for ages for divination and determining the answer to any question which the rational mind cannot perceive.

This is accomplished by allowing the body, through a process known as ‘muscle testing’, to determine the outcome. Simply ask a question which you know the answer to and determine which circular or up or down motion is yes or no.

Relax – then ask your question. With practice, and once you become comfortable in using your pendulum you can use your divination skills to answer all sorts of questions and to make decisions. Our genuine crystal pendulums make excellent tools for spiritual healing and inner growth.

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Susan armstrong
Outstanding product-- high quality stones,

balanced and very responsive pendulum. Prompt delivery. Couldn't be happier!