Black Tourmaline & Herkimer Diamonds Pendulum .925 SS

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A rare Black Tourmaline & Herkimer Diamonds pendulum of exceptional quality.

Dimensions: 1.53" x .56" in. Total length w/ chain 7" inches
Weight: 11 grams
.925 Sterling Silver

Black Tourmaline Keys - Protection, Purification
Chakras – Base (1st)

Black Tourmaline, A shamanic stone that brings protection during rituals, cleanses, purifies, and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration.

It also protects against Radiation, Electromagnetic smog, psychic attack,spells, ill wishes, cell phones and many other negative energies. Use Black Tourmaline to increase physical vitality. Black Tourmaline is a fantastic stone for grounding and protection, and aids in opening up the Root Chakra. Physically, Black Tourmaline is a purifying and detoxifying stone, helpful in cleansing the body. A psychic shield deflecting and dispelling negative energies, entities, or destructive forces.

You might think of it as a lightening rod, taking any negative energy and grounding it into Mama earth where she can transform it back into pure potential"

Herkimer Diamonds

Keys – Dreams, Visions, Purification, Spiritualization of Physical Life
Chakras - Third eye (6th) Crown (7th)

HERKIMER Diamonds are powerful attunement crystals. Here we have one of the larger, clear ones that is more powerful than the cloudy ones. These receive, transmit and amplify energy with their double terminated ends. This is a powerful stone that connects you to higher realms and psychic abilities. It gives you vision and guidance from the higher sources and consciousness. It clears your chakras and energy centers. It is also used for past life access to recognize blockages that need to be transformed to move on to your truer purpose. It also activates your light body. It is an excellent detoxifier as well and also protects and shields you from radiation, electromagnetic, emf, stress and pollution.

This beautiful Herkimer Diamond is double terminated so the energy is going to move through here at a penetrating and rapid rate. It is a powerful stone that can create a vortex of energy to pass through it and to the area you are working on, or chakra center you are working on. Double Terminated crystals draw in and emanate energy from either end so they are able to unify their energy and then project it forth in a blended, unified and powerful manner. They are balanced with complete polar ends so also show us how to balance energy in ourselves.

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Tammera W
Amazing Beautiful Piece!!

I have ordered several pendulums from Doorways for myself and to give as gifts. Not only spectacularly beautiful, but also super-charged with incredible energy. I would highly recommend this pendulum and any other of the beautiful pieces created here.

Black Tourmaline & Herkimer Diamonds pendulum

I purchased this pendulum a few months ago and absolutely love it! It has amazing accuracy and is protective and beautiful, not to mention it is very high quality.

So beautiful

Ce pendule est beau et puissant.
Il est très réactif. L'association du diamant d'Herkimer avec la tourmaline est très intéressante. Les pierres sont très lumineuses.
J'ai déjà acheté plusieurs pendules dans ce site et je vais continuer. Ce sont les meilleurs de tous ceux que j'ai et j'en ai beaucoup.