Black Phantom Lemurian Quartz Lighting Strike Dow Crystal

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Rare & Incredible Must have energy shielding Smoky Black Phantom Lemurian Temple Heart Dow Lighting Struck Master Crystal with Rainbows.

'The Protector' Lightning-struck quartz crystals have unique and powerful qualities. A result of lightning traveling through a quartz crystal while still in the ground. Their high vibrational energy balances and aligns all chakra systems and energy fields, cleansing all of the energy fields of negative energy and raising ones vibrations to a higher levels.

This very effective Black Lemurian Phantom Quartz Crystal Wand carries an extremely high-frequency field, perfect for grounding and protective energy. It provides extreme protection against negative or harmful energies.

Your energy shield protects you from negative energies and entities both big and small. Your energy shield is endless in energy and limitless in might. Your energy shield empowers you and allows your inspiration to take flight. Your energy shield returns dark energy to the sender.

Dimensions: 3.88" x 1.16" x 1.09" inches
Weight 98 grams | 3.5 oz

Properties: Phantoms, Temple Heart Dow, Rainbows, Lighting Struck

Phantom Crystals (This piece has phantom at the bottom not seen in photos, its upside down at the base) It does not show holding up either, but when it sits on the table, and turns, if shifts and appears)

Phantoms look like the “ghost” of a crystal within another crystal. Phantoms are formed when the growth of a crystal has been interrupted and then begins to grow again.

Your Phantom is this: at some point several million years ago the crystal grew to a certain height and shape and then its nutritional source was shut off. Then at some later time, new solution flowed in and the crystal began to grow again, but totally within the boundaries of its original framework, rather than taking new forms or directions.

In other words, the crystal grew beyond its original plan or expectations due to new incoming nutrients that provided the opportunity for continued growth and expansion within its original form. Focusing on a Phantom Crystal can remind you that you are always well protected during these times of new growth. Just be patient and trust that your own additional nutrition will show up right on schedule exactly when you need it, in the quantities you need it or can assimilate.

Master Dow / Temple Heart Dow Crystals

The Temple heart Dow Crystal has three seven sided faces that alternate with three triangular faces, all reaching a perfect termination. The crystal is known not only for its beautiful geometries and symmetry but also for its powerful heart -activation properties. The temple Heart Crystal is a fairly rare formation of Quartz.

When one of these jewels does appear it is a sign of impending transformation and a quantum leap in consciousness in compassion. It has one of the highest frequencies of any clear quartz configuration - an energy frequency that is particularly important in these times. It stimulates the heart chakra, and assists one in resonating with Divine Love Energy.

The Frequency of the Temple Heart Crystal is that of the enlightened Priestess. She has great spiritual knowledge and has practiced putting that knowledge to work in the world. She accepts her personal power as an extension and expression of Divine power and is willing to make choices and decisions based upon her spiritual understanding, tempered by a wise heart of compassion. The Temple Heart Crystal carries the frequency of kwan Yin, The Goddess of Compassion and Healing.

At this level of learning, the Temple Heart crystal reveals that one's true power is seated within the heart chakra. It is through the marriage of spiritual knowledge and compassion that true enlightenment and enlightened action can be made manifest in this world. Larger Temple heart crystals are excellent tools for Altars and sacred places or healing rooms.

They assist one in connecting with the heart of the Divine and in developing compassion for the world and for each other. Groups can attune to the energy of The Temple Heart in order to send healing prayers into the Cosmos, where they can be accessed by anyone who may need direction, Guidance or healing.

Rainbows in Crystals

Rainbows will appear as internal fractures (foils) Rainbows are the closest manifestations of Pure White Light that can be witnessed on this plane. Rainbows unite and integrates heaven and earth. On special Occasions rainbows choose to live within the the world of a crystal, displaying their magic to us. Truly a gift from the Universe if you are Blessed to receive one of these.

When used in Meditation Rainbow crystals open the doorway way to the realm of pure color. Back to the source of all life, the Great Central Sun, the foundation of our reality. They are also know to be bringers of happiness and master depression fighters.

Lemurian crystals are powerful for meditation, channeling, healing or any other work you are called to do with these.

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