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Bi Color Iridium Black King Solomon Andara Crystal (Ultra Rare)

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Ultra Rare & Powerful Bi Color Gem Iridium & King Solomon Andara Crystal, covered in vivid monatomic iridescent colors.

A rare power piece from my personal collection, which has been in my keeping for 18 years. (no discounts on this piece)

The color black has throughout antiquity represented “Mastery of the Mysteries”, the pinnacle of Spiritual Ascendance. Iridium is known as the “Philosophers Stone”, the ultimate achievement in Alchemy.

Powerful and Subtle the most grounding of all the Andaras. There is great power held within the Black Andara and as such it is rare and sacred. The keeper of the black Andara is Sanat Kumara who works with Thoth to provide access to those who are ready to receive and have the open heart, to clear Galactic Karma and suffering energy that was deeply anchored in cellular data-banks/memory.

Andara’, meaning ‘Light of Beauty and Perfection’

Dimensions 2.46" x 5.3" x 2.7" inches
Weight 514 grams | 1 lb 2.2 oz

"The language of magic is sacred, set and used for an entirely different purpose to that of ordinary life"

According to legend, King Solomon was not only the wisest man in the land but he also had magical abilities. Great in wisdom, wealth, and power beyond any of the previous kings of the country. In later years, in mostly non-biblical circles, Solomon also came to be known as a magician and an exorcist, with numerous amulets and medallion seals dating from the Hellenistic period invoking his name.

Testament of Solomon, son of David, who was king in Jerusalem, and mastered and controlled all spirits of the air, on the earth, and under the earth. By means of them also he wrought all the transcendent works of the Temple. Telling also of the authorities they wield against men, and by what angels these demons are brought to naught.

Seal of Solomon is a very powerful and magical talisman. It is a most necessary talisman to have when calling forth good spirits and is also very efficacious for all good. The most evil spirit cannot injure anyone possessing it.

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Dear Shilona, Wow, Wow, Wow !!!

This Bi Color Iridium Black King Solomon Andara Crystal ( Ultra Rare ) Is Absolutely Gorgeous !!!
I am in awe.. Thank you so much for the Love you put into it !!! Thank you so very much for the Gifts !!! They are just as Exquisite !!!
And finally Thank you for the beautiful wrapping,card and Fast Delivery !!!

Doorways to Power it is such a Joy to order from you !!!
Thank you , Thank you , Thank you ~~~
I made it a Huge Event as I was opening the box. I took pictures of everything.
Thank you so much,

May You Be Infinitely Blessed By God’s Supply Of All Good Things In Infinite Abundance Without End ~
Love And Infinite Bliss ~ 🙏🏻♥️🌈🌟