Black Azeztulite Crystal Azozeo Super Activated Crystal

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In spiritual self- healing, Black Azeztulite cleanses and clears one's body and energy field of negative energies, disharmonious attachments, psychic parasites, implants and inappropriate karmic patterns. It can be used for conditions in which the body attacks itself.

Black Azeztulite helps one attune to the Light within Darkness

Dimensions: 1.38" x 1.323" x 1.17" inches
Weight: 30 grams
Keys: Light within the Darkness, complete transformation, memory of one's divinity, protection, infusion of Light, Alchemical Philosopher's stone.

Black Azeztulite is a mixture of quartz and black calcite. It is a stone of the Midnight Sun. it is related to the huge black hole at the center of our galaxy, and represents the moment of singularity of Zero Point, in which the laws of the universe become fluid and changeable, making it a powerful catalyst for spiritual transformation.

It offers power and protection to those who work with it. It aids in releasing emotional wounds.

Its power is increased during eclipses and/ or the new moon.

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Black Azeztulite

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