Azeztulite 16 Quartz Crystal Pendant - All 16 Azeztulites

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 Azeztulite 16 Quartz Crystal Pendant. Sterling silver double-helix wire wrap Azeztulite, resonating as closely as possible with our DNA.

Contains ALL 16 types of Azeztulite:
Original White
Red Fire
Satyaloka Rose
Satyaloka Yellow
Satyaloka Clear
Pink Fire
Sanda Rosa
Black Tourmaline
Honey & Cream
Himalaya Gold 
Pink (Rhodazez)
*All have been Azozeo Super-Activated!

"This Pendnat covers the full spectrum of the highly evolved Azeztulite energies, and can make one’s auric field into a radiant source of spiritual Light. All Azeztulites vibrate to the frequencies of the Nameless Light of  the Great Central Sun, and when all types are brought together in this way, there is much beneficial power expressed through them! In addition, the Azeztulite 16 Vial facilitates conscious communication with the ancient Angelic being called the Azez."

Dimensions 2.34 x .31 x .31" inches

Azozeo Actviated Azeztulite : All 16 Azeztulites present in Pendant

Another beneficial feature of these crystal pendants is their vertical alignment, paralleling the alignment of the chakra column. The tube magnifies and blends the currents of the stones indies and the double - helix spiral acts as a concurrence-enhancing influence to the whole of this piece.

These pendants offer much more than meets the eye.