Azeztulite 14 2021 Energy Bracelets

"The Azeztulite 14 bracelet is composed of White, Satyaloka Clear, Amazez, Cinnazez, Black, Himalaya Gold, Red Fire, Satyaloka Yellow, Satyaloka Rose, Pink Fire, Honey & Cream, Sanda Rosa, Golden and Black Tourmaline Azeztulites.

Size: Made with 6 mm beads on comfortable elastic band. Also available in 8 or 10 mm beads.
Guarantee Card
Each Bracelet is personally programmed by Robert Simmons for the highest good of the wearer.

These Limited Edition Bracelets each comes with a signed and numbered Information/Guarantee Card.

The 14 different varieties of Azeztulite in this specially designed 2021 bracelet work synergistically together to infuse one’s energy field with spiritual Light. This is the most powerful combination of stones yet devised for making a conscious connection with the Azez--the angelic group soul entity that facilitated the activation of all types of Azeztulite. Wearing, carrying or meditating with Azeztulite is a means of grounding spiritual Light from the Great Central Sun through one’s own body. In doing this, we transmute our own energies and assist in the awakening of the Earth.

The Azeztulite 14 Bracelet can facilitate expanded awareness, Light Body activation, spiritual transformation and Vibrational Ascension. All of these stones have been through the Azozeo™ Super-Activation process, bringing them into harmonious accord, at their highest possible energy level. They all emanate the pure Light of the great Central Sun." —Robert Simmons