Australian Boulder Opal 'Large & Rare'

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Large & Rare Australian Boulder Opal Crystal, artisan polished front of crystal, raw and natural backside.

Boulder Opal is a rare and wonderful stone! It is high quality and laced with streaks of brilliant opal 'fire.' Boulder Opal works energetically to stabilize and heal the emotional body, and it can help one to remain calm and centered, even in difficult times. Boulder Opal stimulates one's enthusiasm for life, and it helps one to be engage with others in a mutually beneficial way. Stones like these are ideal to keep one's home or work space, as they can influence the vibrational 'atmosphere' in a positive direction."

Dimensions: 3.25" x 5.6" x 1.4" inches
Weight: 740 Grams ' 1.6 lbs