Ascension Crystal Vial Pendant - Phenacite, Danburite, Azeztulite & More

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925 Sterling silver double-helix wire Wrap Ascension Pendant, resonating as closely as possible with our DNA.

Dimensions 2.34 x .31 x .31" inches
Azozeo Super Activated

Contains: Satyaloka Azeztulite, Phenacite, Petalite, Herderite, White Azeztulite, Danburite

*Azozeo Super-Activated Stones

Another beneficial feature of these crystal pendants is their vertical alignment, paralleling the alignment of the chakra column. The tube magnifies and blends the currents of the stones indies and the double - helix spiral acts as a concurrence-enhancing influence to the whole of this piece.

These pendants offer much more than meets the eye. 

Customer Reviews

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Wow! HIgh frequency!

I received my Ascension vial pendant and was so excited to find everything so beautfully wrapped. I have also been gifted a beautful angel quartz as well as a quartz point. The smell from the lavender bag was stunning. It is the second thing that I have ordered from here because the energy and service are AMAZING! The vibration of the crystals are very pure and clear. This is my first go to shop for crystals. The Ascension vial is packed with high frequency crystals that boost your meditation practice.
Thank you.

Susan Nielsen
Very powerful.

Many thanks.

clayton stansberry
Very Well Made

so much yas. This looks great. very well made, small but very well made.

Elena M
Powerful and gorgeous pendant

Powerful and gorgeous pendant, very beautifully designed vile gently wrapped in silver wire, looks stunning. One little powerhouse of crystals inside!


I have bought a bunch of these vials from Shilona, these are the most amazing tools for meditation! I like to roll it in my hand towards the sky as I repeat holy words, these help you make a LOT of progress if you are at a standstill, crossroads, big changes, etc. in your life. I was so ecstatic bout how well these worked that I did a little research and they said that some of these stones (like phenacite) can help heal your brain after PTSD, addictions, and other health issues that you would never even expect! LOVE THESE *FIVE STAR*